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Introducing Kwoklyn, the culinary dynamo making waves worldwide. Renowned as a bestselling author, TV chef, martial arts expert, and presenter. From captivating audiences on ITV’s This Morning and C4’s Steph’s Packed Lunch to enlightening viewers through BBC One documentaries and C5 appearances, his expertise traverses diverse media landscapes with finesse.

Beyond the screen, Kwoklyn’s magnetic presence extends to the airwaves, where his insightful commentary on UK radio and podcasts captivates listeners and fosters a deeper appreciation for the culinary arts.

His acclaimed ‘Kwoklyn’s Chinese Takeaway Kitchen’ TV series debuted in 2021 on Amazon Prime, following its success, a ‘Christmas Special’ aired later that year.

Kwoklyn continues to redefine culinary excellence, eagerly anticipated is his seventh book release slated for 2025. Stay tuned as Kwoklyn’s culinary journey unfolds, inspiring and delighting audiences around the globe.

Kwoklyn's Chinese Takeaway Kitchen

Christmas Special Kwoklyn's Chinese Takeaway Kitchen

Man with a Wok releasing this summer 2024!

Prepare to stir up your culinary imagination this summer 2024 with the premiere of “Man with a Wok,” where the essence of East Asian cuisine comes to life right from Kwoklyn’s home kitchen, delve into the vibrant flavours and intricate techniques that define this beloved culinary tradition.

“Man with a Wok” is your invitation to explore the rich tapestry of East Asian dishes, from the comfort of your kitchen. Whether you’re an experienced food enthusiast or just beginning to explore the art of cooking, “Man with a Wok” promises to inspire with its array of tantalising recipes, expert tips, and insightful storytelling.

So, gather around Kwoklyn’s kitchen this coming summer and be part of a culinary adventure that celebrates the vibrant spirit of East Asian cuisine. “Man with a Wok” is not just a cooking show; it’s a place where food, culture, and creativity meet. Don’t miss out on this culinary journey that’s sure to ignite your senses and passion for cooking!

Upcoming series: Camper van cooks

“Camper Van Cooks: A Culinary Adventure with Kwoklyn & Jo” is a captivating TV show where travel meets culinary artistry, set against the picturesque backdrop of England. Join celebrated TV chef Kwoklyn and his wife Jo as they traverse England’s diverse regions in their fully-equipped camper van, embracing the vibrant tapestry of local food traditions and natural beauty.

In this series, Kwoklyn and Jo delve into the heart of England’s culinary landscape, from the rolling hills of the Cotswolds to the rugged coastline of Cornwall. Each episode is a journey into a different region, where they discover local ingredients, meet artisans, and uncover the stories behind regional cuisines. Inside their cosy camper van kitchen, they transform these ingredients into extraordinary dishes, adding their unique touch while paying homage to traditional flavours.

Their cooking is a fusion of innovation and tradition, where East Asian influences meet English classics, resulting in dishes that are both familiar and refreshingly new. Whether it’s a twist on the Cornish pasty or a new take on the Yorkshire pudding, Kwoklyn and Jo’s creations are a testament to the rich culinary diversity of England.

The show is more than just a cooking series; it’s an ode to the joys of mobile living and the adventure of exploring England’s scenic landscapes. From serene lakes to historic towns, the couple’s journey is an inspiring blend of culinary discovery and the freedom of van life. “Camper Van Cooks” invites viewers to explore the flavours of England, experience the art of cooking on the road, and discover the endless possibilities that come with combining a love for travel and a passion for food. Join Kwoklyn and Jo as they bring the essence of English cuisine to life, all from the intimate setting of their camper van kitchen.

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